Who’s Who in GTA Moving

Oshawa Moving

Who’s Who in GTA Moving

If you are moving you may be wondering who you should hire – GTA Moving or Hills Moving? So long as you are moving in Ontario it is best to hire Hills Movers – they are partners with GTA Moving and they offer excellent moving services. In fact, their service is unrivalled – they can easily be called the best movers in Ontario. Here is what you will get:

•    You will get all moving supplies for free. They are of high quality because the company understands that securing your items is a primary concern. Many other Ontario companies offer moving supplies but they charge for them.

•    Hills Moving understand that moving can be very stressful especially after many years of living in the same hoe. That is why they offer to pack the first 25 boxes for you for free. They will make sure that everything is packed in an organized manner and all boxes will be labelled with the name of the items that it contains as well as the room from which they came.

•    They are the most affordable moving company in Ontario. In fact, they have what is called a price guarantee – if you can find a moving company that offers exactly the same services but charges less they will charge you 10% lower than what the other company is offering. There is no better way to guarantee that you are being moved by the best. There is no minimum charge – you will only pay for services rendered.

•    They are completely involved in the moving process – they will come to your home on the day of the move, help you pack, load the truck, take your property to your new home and unpack it from the truck into the right rooms. If you have one or more pick up or drop off locations they will not charge you for them.

•    Unlike many moving companies that require some up-front payment you don’t have to pay a cent to Hills Movers until the job is complete. They accept cash, credit cards and email money transfers.

•    The movers don’t take any breaks unless the move takes more than a few hours – if it does they take a 30 minute break which is not charged to you.

•    The company is licensed, bonded and insured. They are the only Ontario moving company that insures walls, wooden floors and everything else in the home. This means that should you incur any damage as a result of the move you will be reimbursed in full.

•    If for any reason you are not able to move just call and reschedule – they will not charge you any fees and you will get a truck and movers for the new date. On your part make sure that you are packed on time so that your move is as easy as possible.

•    In case of bad weather the company will reschedule your move to ensure that your items get to their new destination clean and dry.
You can find out more about Hills Movers through their website, https://hillsmoving.ca/oshawa-movers

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